Fixing library loading issues in EA launcher

The EA launcher sucks and breaks easily. Here's one solution to addressing the issue with your library not loading.

Fixing library loading issues in EA launcher
Photo by pure julia / Unsplash

I made a Mastodon post on this, but I figured I'd turn it into a blog post.

A recent-ish update EA made to its infamous EA launcher has introduced yet another issue - on top of the numerous issues others may encounter when using the EA launcher. (If you don't believe me, feel free to search "ea launcher not working" on their official answer HQ subsite or in any search engine.) This issue in particular has to deal with user libraries not loading.

In fact, it goes beyond that. Users having this issue can even search for games not in their library in the launcher - but no details about the game will load.

Long story short, recent updates EA made to EA launcher introduced asset loading and SDKs from Split. Specifically, Split is a platform used to deliver experimental features/feature flags/SDKs and collect metrics on the deployed features. Because of its metrics collection, it may be blocked by network or on-device adblockers.

Whitelisting host should fix the issue. You may have to restart your EA launcher (and kill the EA Background service) to see the changes. Additionally, you may want to whitelist subdomains from EA (ex: https://* ).